Monday, March 22, 2010

Cisco's collapse is inevitable.. thanks to its self created insider trash

Cisco is no different than DMV now. It just nurtured way too many incompetent seeds for long period of time and the result is not surprising. This place has become as stinky as a slumdog. Every one knows how good the customer service is from Indian companies. It just reflects the culture of the society- peeing on the street, producing fake degrees, unfair treatment to woman and other minorities, concept of untouchables, poor infrastructure, worshiping film actors, you name it. There is just no way one can expect a quality in anything this country offers given the status quo. Same goes with its majority of so called human capital who have built an empire inside Cisco. Most of the engineering teams are lead by Indians including quality assurance! The software written by these sloppy programmers are in turn tested by their own countrymen. Nice way to recycle their own trash. So this software quality produced by the same countrymen is no different than the call center experiences we all had. Former is abstract and the latter is concrete.

Just visit any of its 50+ campuses in San Jose,CA to get a glimpse of this stinky company lead by a dyslexic, non-technologist CEO. This guy has committed serious crime against the Americans by allowing most of the leadership roles to Indians and to some extent Chinese as well. Both these communities esp. Indians are very tight knit by nature and culture as well. Never independent. If one wants to buy a car, he needs help from dozen other friends. So if one looses the job inside Cisco, (s)he will get rehired in other team although without any matching skill sets. A kind of trash recycle but with a difference. A true trash recycled at least helps the environment. But not this one at Cisco which in fact cost the shareholder. Think deep. You will get it. We Americans don't ever think about it. Because we have a big heart and don't mind others' business. If we loose the job, we will try to find one honestly with a matching skill set. We are happy, company is successful, and so is the shareholder. But not with these guys. They would just suffer their life time doing something they never liked or never good at.

The top talents always hire the best. But not the case with most Indians. They just nurture and hire their own people. Most often than not the sloppy ones. They are always dependent on anything they do. At home or at work. Boss invites all his Indian subordinates to his family parties. Nothing wrong here. But this is where these people from the third world country err big time- Favoritism.
They do not know how to separate business from personal stuff. That is how their culture is back in India. Can you train them to change? No way.

I am neither an Indian nor a Chinese. But I have worked closely with both and know a lot about their work as well as personal culture. Indians are the most unfair and insensitive people I ever encountered. Why do you think Australians are so outraged against Indians living there? But we Americans welcome everyone and are very tolerant. Result is there are so many talented American engineers out of job market for long time now. Because we do not go beg unfairly.

All I am suggesting is to keep the diversity balanced. Cisco has reached an extremely unbalanced state due to way too much crap inside in terms of lack of real talents. This is the best time to sell this stock and move the money else where. Juniper certainly looks attractive as does universal AAPL.

Summary: Sell CSCO now. This is the peak (around $26) it can ever reach before going belly up.